YouthBuild Columbus

YouthBuild Columbus

Rivet focuses on benefits that come from a careers in an in-demand field like construction. Another organization called YouthBuild Columbus is also exposing youth to the building trades. Columbus Neighborhoods profiled this group as they helped veteran Bill Hopkins rebuild his home.

Bill is a resident of the Stambaugh-Elwood Neighborhood – a small, 60-home neighborhood struggling to survive in the midst of big changes in the surrounding South Side metropolitan and industrial area.

When the city of Columbus condemned Bill’s home, he couldn’t fix the cited problems. Tim Brown, president of the Stambaugh-Elwood Neighborhood Association, knew exactly where to direct YouthBuild Columbus when they came knocking on his door to help.

YouthBuild Columbus helps youth throughout the city complete their GED and learn vocational and leadership skills. Students from this program came together to rebuild Bill’s home.

Just a few weeks ago, Columbus Neighborhoods checked in on the building process – as the renovation of Bill Hopkin’s house continues to unfold.


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