Tips for Switching to Career Technical School

Switching to a new school is never easy. Just ask Billan Gurreh, who transferred to C-TEC Licking County for a jump-start on a career in the dental field. Though career technical schools come with dozens of benefits, many students – just like Billan – struggle to adjust to the transition. We talked to C-TEC’s Career Development Coordinator Alyssa Johnston for a few tips on making the switch to a career technical school.

1. Keep your goals in mind

Don’t forget about all of the advantages that come with career technical schools! Jobs requiring technical skills make up 24% of the workforce and are only increasing over time. Whether it be the affordability, hands-on experience, or a practically guaranteed career after graduation, career tech schools are full of opportunities you can’t get elsewhere. No matter what you decide to do after graduation, know your options are wide-open.

2. You don’t have to leave anything behind

One of the most common fears about switching schools is leaving familiar friends, teachers, and places behind. Keep in mind, you aren’t actually losing any of them. Instead, you’re gaining an additional one of each. Though each of these support networks might approach the matter differently, both are here to help you through the transition.

3. Allow yourself a fresh start

Many students actually look forward to the new beginning that comes with switching schools. Maybe this is a chance to turn around some less-than-satisfactory grades, or to get more involved in school activities. Ultimately, career technical schools are here to help you become the person you want to be. 

4. Connect with other students

Everyone starts out new. Tons of fellow students are going through the same difficult transition as you, and many more have already survived it. Start by introducing yourself to a few new faces in each of your classes. You might find it even easier than usual to make new friendsyou already have something in common!

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Career technical schools offer tons of resources to help their students succeed. Many have both formal and informal programs to connect new students to the school; for example, C-TEC’s “Signing Day,” where new students get to know the instructors and students in their program. Above all, know your needs. If you’re still struggling to find your place after a few weeks, reach out to your instructors or counselor for guidance.

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