Jordan Washington, IBEW Apprentice

The Apprentice

There was a time before college even existed – before it was “THE” ticket to a good career. Centuries before college, these things called “apprenticeships” helped people get ahead.

A teacher, also known as a master craftsman, would employ a younger person – or apprentice – as cheap labor. The apprentice in turn was given free food and lodging, and learned the trade. This relationship created a future generation of bakers, blacksmiths, tailors – trades that kept the economy afloat.

Jordan Washington decided that an apprenticeship was the right path for him. He’s in year three of the five year program, well on his way to becoming an electrician. Listen to his story and check out our Resources Page for more on apprenticeship programs.

For more information about the programs mentioned in this episode and more, check out our Resource Page.



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