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There isn’t a single path to success, but many ways to find well-paying work that you enjoy. Rivet connects individuals to their future careers. We’ve put together resources for you to explore the different careers and career pathways we’ve talked about in the podcast and more! Find a career that’s right for you. Contact us to add more resources rivet@wosu.org.


Apprenticeship programs provide an opportunity for individuals to learn and earn. These are on-the-job training programs in various in-demand industries such as pipe-fitting, carpentry, and electrical work. Find an apprenticeship that works for you with one of the listed resources:


What happens when you know you want to get involved in the building trades, but don’t know how? There are a few pathways to get your foot in the door of apprenticeship programs. The following program trains individuals with little or no knowledge of the building trades and places them in union-based apprenticeship programs.

Career Pathways

Career Pathways consider the education and training as well as wage and outlook information for jobs. This resource highlights some of the pathways for various career options and the education and training you need to get there. It’s never too early to start! Some pathways can begin as early as 7th grade:

Career Technical Schools in Central Ohio

Career Technical schools train students in specific skills that prepare them for certain industries:

Goodwill Columbus Certificate Programs

Goodwill Industries Columbus provides credentialed training programs for careers in industries like hospitality & lodging, information technology and health care. Learn more on the specific programs they offered in in-demand industries by Goodwill Columbus:

High School Opportunities

Some high school programs afford students a taste of a future career. Here are a few resources that give students an opportunity to delve into the working world while still in high school:

Programs at Columbus State Community College

Community college can offer a less expensive way to earn certificates and degrees that qualify you for jobs you want. In central Ohio, Columbus State Community College, offers many different programs in various industries. Check out the different pathways in business, computer science, manufacturing, and more:

Sample Career Pathways

Ohio Means Jobs offers in-depth looks into sample career pathways that get you to the job you want. We’ve included a few of these sample career pathways below:

Three Educational Pathways to Good Jobs

One thing we continue to learn is that there is no single path to a good job. Here is a link to Georgetown University’s study on different educational pathways that yield individual economic success.

Read more about the Three Educational Pathways to Good Jobs