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Why Is It So Hard To Get Ahead?

As part of WOSU’s Chasing The Dream project, we’ve been investigating why it’s so hard to get ahead in Columbus. We’ve reported on issues from transportation to dental care to housing, and looked at the impact where you live has on your access to work, education and more.

Now, we want your follow-up questions about the region’s challenges to help keep our our coverage going.

For example, you might wonder: How did Bexley become so segregated from the neighborhoods around it? What is the city doing to prevent housing prices from skyrocketing in Clintonville? How is Lancaster trying to stop jobs from leaving?

Based on what you’ve seen or experienced, what do you wonder about class differences in our region’s towns, schools, and workplaces? Your questions might lead to a story in our Chasing the Dream series. Ask them below.

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